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Medicare Advantage Plan FAQs

1. What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

2. What portion of my diabetic supplies does Medicare Advantage Plans cover?

3. What diabetic supplies do Medicare Advantage Plans cover?

4. Do I pay any out-of-pocket expense?

5. How long does it take to receive my diabetes testing supplies if I fill out the necessary paperwork today?

6. Who can I contact for questions about DiabeticSupplies.com's services?

7. Where is DiabeticSupplies.com located?

8. Who completes my claim forms?

9. Do I pay for delivery?


10. What are the benefits of using DiabeticSupplies.com?

11. Who can receive diabetic supplies?

12. Are there limits of the number of diabetic supplies that will be reimbursed?

13. What is a Doctor's Order?

14. Is online shipment tracking available for my orders covered by Medicare?

16. Can I receive supplies if I am on Medicaid?

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